Source: Online Photobank

Source: Online Photobank

After watching Nick Vujicic, (if you don’t know how him, feel free to do a quick search online) or click Nick Vujicic I found myself inspired yet challenged at the same time. I could not help but feel like a smack seeing how this young man has beat all odds, and now stand out to be a renown world inspirations to people of all ages.

Yet I being bodily abled cannot even do half of the things that Nick Vujicic does? Be as it may, as I watched glued to the screen, a thought came to mind… truly each one of us has a unique path, and that we come to earth endowed to conquer our respective fears, frustrations—and that this conquest requires one to engage his/her faculties if one is to realize full potential despite respective circumstances. It’s unfathomable to witness Nick excel in the myriad risk activities he undertakes, and even more so because he reminds us that whatever limitations we’ve put on ourselves, however justifiable they may be, they are just but mere excuses.

To this end, here are a few points that stood out…

  1. Fears:Face them head on and challenge each of them squarely. To do so, one must embrace a new Identity—see oneself in new right having conquered those limitations. This will mean that one must exchange their old mindset for a new mindset, and conceive a new vision of who they want to become. Because in order to add value to others, one must see themselves as valuable, what I call being in your truest Essence!
  2. Believe:This is an imperative… for before anyone can believe in your brand, you must believe it first, and once you do, the world will ensue.
  3. Passion: Much has been said about passion, and rightly so, because without passion your flame and pull for the specific cause or work will eventually die out.  Remember that life is a journey, and your zest for life not only make you stand out, but sustains you over time. The late apple CEO, Steve Jobs put it this way, “If you are working on something that you really care about, you do not have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”
  4. Gratitude:Like the old adage states, ‘count your blessings one by one.‘  Be grateful for what you have, because truly you already have all that you need to reach your dreams. ‘Perspective is everything!’ Allow Nick to inspire you. Like him, choose to see the glass half full, and soon you too will be living the life that you love!

Nick definitely has a passion to inspire and challenge others around the world to live the life they love, and he demonstrates that by being an example to us all. Confirming to us that the only thing standing in our way is ourselves.

Are you are willing to face your limitations that stops you from living your dreams?  I believe if you dare stand out, you will not be ignored by history. In fact, future generations will honor you if you decide to live a life of flow —doing what you love!

Share your thoughts on the video, what inspired you the most? Remember you too can Stand out!