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Many people dream of living a passionate life. While some only dream, there are those who take enormous risks in figuring out how to monetize their passion.

Examples of such individuals are ubiquitous. The likes of Steph Curry among others make a living doing what they love while others toil in a job even though they have incredible talent.

I confess, I used to be in the rat race too until I discovered that these individuals are not different from us. They just happen to focus their time, talent and energy on to something they deeply love and are attuned to.

The truth is, every person alive has something he or she is passionate about. The challenge is whether they are aware of it or not. Once aware, figuring out how to package that into a service or a product and bringing it to markets’ reach is the pathway to being paid to do what you love—monetizing your passion.

If you are one of those that have no clue what your passion is, or are struggling to identity it; there are key questions you must address to realize it because your soul knows it… it’s in you.

Here are at least 3 questions you must be wiling to answer:

  1. What do you love to do?
  2. What do you hate?
  3. When you look at the way things are around you, what bothers you?

Once you address these three questions, the rest is a matter of connecting the dots so you can package your message and offer the world a solution or your vision (packaged as a product or service). Then seek to identify a group of people who rally around your message/product, and keep driving your message over and over again, tweaking where necessary until it’s resonate with a larger audience.

Remember, monetizing your passion must translate to value for those you serve (customers) otherwise, if your passion is only about making money, it will not go far. Have you ever heard the saying, ‘if you build it they will come?’ This is true in building a brand/business. Your passion is the foundation that anchors that brand. It may take sometime before the market catches the bug, but if your offerings are meeting a market need by being the solution to that need then, it’s only a matter of time.

So, what is your passion? Mine, is people, ideas, creativity and learning. To this end, I would love to help you create a meaningful career/business that yield you fulfillment and 10X results. Share yours on the comment below.