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In his Tedtalk, Start With Why, Simon Sinek makes a compelling argument that individuals and companies that achieve more than success always ‘start with why.’

According to business, value is what a buyer perceives from goods or services or money leading to a voluntary exchange. It is said that for one to create value, he or she must become valuable first. After all, you can only create or birth what you are.

I did not always know, believe or feel this way, but after being frustrated and unhappy with my work for many years, I reached a point where I knew there was more… I just knew it! Today, everything I do, I strive to do it with the intent to help people just like you question why you do what you do? I do this because I believe many of us spend almost all our working lives investing our energies, talents and time in work that is meaningless though it may feel good for a moment yet we are left wanting: frustrated, burned out or in careers that are stagnated. This belief helps me challenge my decisions daily. Equipping me with techniques that lead to better decision making and pursuit of meaningful work for a greater good.

Why my mission in life is to help professionals who feel stagnated, burned out or frustrated pursue meaningful work that yields fulfillment and 10X results. Doing the kind of work that aligns you with your flow: where you boost your energy, earnings, and free time without office politics, wasting your money going back to school or sucking up to some entity. Wouldn’t you like to take back control of your time/life?

Doing this work is not easy. It takes soul searching, time and is certainly a journey! Creating value for others always start with you, because it demands you create value for yourself first. The Chinese philosopher, Lao Tao knew this, he remarked that, “a journey of a thousand miles start with a single step.” So, start now, and do it afraid if you must!

Value creation demands a lot of time, energy and money to get your product or service to an insatiable status for your market. Apple is said to be the ultimate value creator, and while I do not dispute this claim, I believe some of us fail to point out that Apple’s innovations and products as we know them today have evolved a lot! In fact, Jobs and his team went through much struggle, conflict, time and money investments to get to the level they are today.

Therefore, if you are willing to look stupid in the midst of the critics, especially those who’ve never started anything, keep at it; explore different ideas, be open, learn all that you must, take on challenges, rethink, tweak, iterate, be humble and finally have a heart—what Jack Ma calls the ‘LQ or the Love Quotient’ because it’s when you reach LQ + IQ + EQ that equals your dream manifested. What Malcom Gladwell refers to as the Tipping Point.

You got to pursue your dreams—the very work you believe is invaluable and meaningful to you or whatever infuses you with the energy, passion, creativity and capacity to go beyond limits. Because it’s from this space and spheres your heart and guts lead you to ‘the how’, and ‘the what’ enabling you to deliver an invaluable product or service that impact others beyond this timeline. And if you do this well, consistently and master your craft, the world will seek you out with all her rewards; money, success and more… Ask Jack Ma… he did it afraid, but he did it anyways!

So, what value do you wish to create in the world and why? Or better yet, what are you working on? Share your journey, and if you need help, let me know… I am here to serve you, thank you.