Source: Online Photobank

Source: Online Photobank

What is your favorite animal and why? For me, it got to be the Lion because it possess and exudes presence. The animal is said to be the king of the jungle because of his majestic nature, but even more so due to his palpable presence.

What is Presence? I define Presence as your Essence Awakened, Aliveness and Attractiveness. To have presence is to be in harmony with your self, your emotions and savor all that is here and now.

To have presence requires consciousness and wholeness: own your good, bad, ugly and in-betweens. Presence is how you anchor your essence in consciousness to genuinely connect with all that is in the moment.

I like to think of presence as your essence in present moment for impact—as one being a gift to self and those present. Presence is the way of being!

Here are a few tips on how to boost your Presence

  1. Awareness: Be aware of you state of mind at any given moment. You do this by taking control of your thought life. This is critical because thoughts lead to feelings, and feelings leads to conduct. Simply put: garbage in = garbage out!
  2. Set Clear Intentions: Before you launch into anything: meeting, walk into a room or before you have that crucial conversation, etc. Asking yourself what you want to accomplish will help you be grounded and focused on what’s important to you.
  3. Self-Care: Presence is an inside job, and what you put into your body is critical. Therefore establishing healthy habits such as healthy eating, exercise and fitness have a compound effect on your presence.

Presence is the way of being. Sounds simple to grasp but can be hard to master. However, if you decide to implement these tips or even just focus on one tip at a time till you realize your desired outcomes, I assure you will experience immediate results. So, why wait? Start Now!

What is your favorite animal and why? What tip would you like to implement in your life? We would love to learn of your progress and experiences.