De Mystify the Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Personality

With Easy To Read Data


Knowing where a person is strong in a DISC profile gives you the ability to interact with them in a way proven by science to be the most statistically probable way as not to cause friction and to find the most success.

Take a Guided DISC Assessment with me and I will help you navigate the results for optimal success in your relationships and at work.

Disc Assessment

  • See How You and Others act Naturally
  • See how You and Others Act When Compensating or Adapting to Others
  • Understand Your Greatest Gifts
  • Understand How You Can be the Perfect Compliment to Others
  • Understand How Others May Perceive You

Find Greater Cohesion and Heightened Success with a Disc Assessment of Yourself and Your Partner or Partners.


DISC is an assessment of how people behave in different circumstances. Knowing where you and your colleagues fall in the four metrics of the DISC behavior assessment can give you invaluable insight on how to work effectively with them.

Corporate teams that take DISC assessments have been show to work in much more cohesive ways. Couples who date and match each other according to the principles of DISC have reported finding more happiness and success together in the long term.

Knowing how you and your partner(s) behave on DISC is a great way to build your deeper sensitivity and empathy for how they interact with problems and challenges. It is also a great way to know what particular strengths they possess and where those strengths will shine the brightest.


DISC Assessment


  • Team Building
  • Employee Screening
  • Get to Know Yourself
  • Get to Know Your Relationship Partner
  • Get to Know the Members of Your Team at Work
  • Know Your Leadership Style
  • Understand How Best to Approach a Challenge With the Various Members of Your Team

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You will Receive:


  • An individualized Representation of Your Results
  • A Guided Analysis of the Results
  • An Hour Long Coaching Session
  • Strategies for How Best to use the Information in a Relationship or in a Workplace
  • Recommendations For How to Easily Adapt Your Style For Greater Success.


($250 Value) Pay $90 Per Person